About This Blog…

This is the first post of a new experiment. In an attempt to improve the quality of my photography and to develop a style that is my own, I will be posting regularly. Hopefully, every week will bring a new photo with a description of how I got there.

Self Portrait

I owe much of my learning to Glyn Dewis, KelbyOne (of which I am a current member), Tony and Chelsea Northup, Gavin Hoey, and Unmesh Dinda of PixImperfect. I have Glyn’s book “Photograph Like a Thief” and the Northup’s books “Stunning Digital Photography”, “Photoshop CC Essentials for Photographers”, and “Adobe Lightroom 6/CC Training for Photography”.

My current equipment has come from various sources. A three-light studio set bought at auction. Softboxes, speedlights, light stands, backdrops, tripod, monopod, etc. purchased via auction or Amazon.

The camera I currently use is a Nikon D200. This was a Christmas gift two years ago from my wife Carrie. She has been supportive and followed me on multiple ventures trying to improve my skills. She has been a willing model at times and a faithful assistant at others. She is the love of my life.

So now, off to this new adventure…

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9 Months Old

Here he is again! He’s VERY energetic. This was one of the photos we got while he was NOT on the move!


Nikon D200 with Godox flash and remote in 24″ octo softbox. Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Christmas 2018, again

Special folks here. Appreciate them and the opportunity to get some more pictures of them. Mama wanted some 9 month photos of the little guy and it just happened to be around Christmas. How about a picture of all of the kids?

Photographed using the Nikon D200 with 18-70mm lens. Godox flash in a soft box above the kids. Edited in Photoshop and Lightroom.

P.S. One of the faces has been swapped in Photoshop. Can you guess which one???


Christmas Card 2018

It was getting late in the year and we’ve had some things get in the way, so we thought we might not get a card out this year.

But we scrambled and got this one together!

I’m very fortunate to have such a pretty model!

Shot in the back yard with Nikon D200, Godox flash and wireless remote. Medium size softbox, utilizing boom arm connected to a light stand. Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop and Nik. Photoshop snow action by Gavin Hoey

Here’s the “behind the scenes” setup:

A Veteran’s Salute

Friday November 30, 2018 at 11:00am, Dad received his final honors for serving in the U.S. Army. The memorial service at the Veterans’ Cemetery was beautiful and very moving. I could not thank these soldiers and veterans enough for the ceremony. They were extremely respectful and sensitive to our family.

The folding of the flag:

Mom receives a salute from the soldier who presented her the flag:

The spent casings from the gun salute Dad received are presented to Mom:

This is one of the veterans who fired a gun in salute to Dad:

All these photos were captured by my son Andrew. So grateful for these.


It’s been a few days now, but my dad died on November 23, 2018. He left peacefully at 6:17 in the morning. Just stopped breathing after a few days in the hospital. We were very fortunate to have been there for his last moments.

I have confidence that we will meet again in heaven. All because Dad accepted the invitation from God to be saved through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Confessing his sins, Dad received the gift of God- eternal life!

This picture was done almost 2 years ago on December 8, 2016. There was another photo I had planned to get of Dad, but it didn’t happen. I am thankful for the ones that I do have. I am blessed.

Christmas Card

My oldest daughter asked for a picture of the kids for a Christmas card. She liked the matching pajamas idea, so we agreed this would be a great way to make an announcement!

Shot with my trusty D200 with a softbox directly above them about 45 degrees toward them. There was another flash with a warming gel inside the book. (Along with an iPhone to keep the attention of the little one.)

They held the largest book we could find and I composited in the new book cover I made in Adobe Spark Post. It was a challenge to make the new book cover match the color and quality of the scene. Thanks to Aaron Nace of Phlearn and Jesús Ramirez of The Photoshop Learning Channel for the compositing help through their tutorials.

Truly a fun project!

“Can You Get Some Pics Of Us?”

That was the question I was asked as we were about to meet for dinner. Would I have time for some pics at the park after our meal? Absolutely!

Anytime my kids want some pics, I’m on it! They had a special friend with them. A young lady whose family has been involved in their lives for many years. Could I get some pics of her too? Why, of course I can!

Then I tried my hand at compositing. Not really convincing. Need work, lol.

Nikon D200 with Godox speedlight and 24″ Godox modifier on my lightstand with my boom arm.

Practice Shots

I decided to set up lights and get things ready for a future shoot. Dad is 81 years old and I have an idea for a new picture. I haven’t asked him yet, but I’m sure he will go along with it.

My idea is to have him standing on the porch with the lantern and a shotgun- as if he’s heard something in the night.

I wanted to be ready so he doesn’t have to stand around waiting for me to get the light right.

I’m going to move the things inside so the cluttery stuff doesn’t show. I’m liking it so far. Looking forward to the full picture!